Every man needs a man cave. Whether you are single or living with a partner, you need a space where you can be yourself, and work on your hobbies without a care of the outside world.

Your man cave is an extension of your personality. It’s the one place in your house where you can choose the decor, and where your taste, and your taste alone, is on display. In a way, it resembles your childhood bedroom, but with some additional grownup toys.

Some men have a specific room that they use as a man cave, while others have the use of the entire basement or attic. Some have turned a garage into their man cave. The size of the space does not matter. What matters is that it is yours and that your word is law.

As a place where you can relax and enjoy your hobbies, there isn’t one standard template of what a man cave should be. If you like video games, you might have a couch, a massive TV screen, powerful speakers, and every game console your heart desires. You may also have an insanely expensive and powerful gaming PC in your man cave. Armchair sports enthusiasts will probably have a bar fridge where they can store a few cold ones for match day.

There are some classic things that can deck out a man cave, like a pool table, pinball machine, or an arcade game cabinet. If you are really super rich and have a lot of space, your man cave may even contain a fully equipped hotrod workshop. And what about an indoor basketball hoop for the more active cave dweller?

A man cave is not a women’s place, so those posters of supercars and big breasted women are welcome to stay. Your lava lamp can also have its pride of place, as well as your sports memorabilia.