A man without a hobby is not living life to the full. While it is very common to define a man according to his profession, it’s his leisure activities that truly shapes his character. If the opposite is the case, a man is reduced to a one-dimensional cardboard cutout, an automaton that is only fit for one purpose, and who will one day die without the world noticing.

As far as manly hobbies go, writer Ernest Hemingway may have been one of the manliest men of all. He was a true man’s man who delighted in outdoor pursuits. He was well known for his love for marlin fishing, and he captured this activity in his novella The Old Man and the Sea. He also enjoyed hunting and camping.

Photography, while not specifically just for men, is the perfect hobby to combine with other hobbies. If camping and the great outdoors is your thing, photography is the ideal complement, as it allows you to capture the beauty of nature in a unique way that only you see.

For many people, the great outdoors is synonymous with camping. But one need not stay still in one place to enjoy Mother Nature. Hiking is a fantastic way to enjoy nature while getting some exercise and allows you to see things that you won’t see from the confines of a motorcar.

Wine collecting is the preferred hobby of men who find enjoyment in liquid beverages. From the moment that you taste a wine you like, to the moment that it has aged in your cellar for many years, awaiting its ideal moment, there’s a huge sense of anticipation. Of course, having a cellar full of superb wines ready to complement a delicious meal is a joy only a select few men will ever have the pleasure of experiencing.